Online poker is a bit like an athletic male student who stood out in high school around 2010. He used to be handsome, handsome and attractive, he could throw balls and he used to get all the girls. Unfortunately, he never played for the first team, now he is approaching his thirties, his stomach starts to swell and while he can still throw the ball he really needs something that will refresh him.

The online poker environment is far more difficult to develop and far more popular than it used to be. The idea of ​​playing cards as a livelihood is now no more romantic than the idea of ​​becoming an e-sports player or creating a successful startup company. Online poker loses a bit of its cultural significance and is not as attractive to potential new players as it used to be.

However, there are not many activities that can offer the same freedom poker can provide, or even hobbies that can generate good side income. Online poker is far from over, you can definitely use good pick-up and the emergence of online poker sites in Asia is exactly what one might expect.

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Why Asia?

If you have lived under a shell for the past year or two there is a new trend that is evident when we talk about managing western online poker sites. PokerStars is a concrete example of a site that makes every effort to make itself less attractive to pro players and more attractive to recreational players by reducing volume rewards, making reward hunting as difficult as possible, making movie advertisements with famous celebrities and appearing with a new fast poker format that aims to attract western customers whose attention is diminishing.

Even if we consider another example of a poker network that seems to make much more sense and is less income-oriented in its changes, Microgaming reduces the rake in micro-bets and allows for screen name changes as they please should have the same effect expected by PokerStars – increasing the number of new players. and new deposit.

The Asian market represents everything that western poker operators want to look for. A number of new players like to play gambling with a lot of income. Even though China’s economy is slowing down, it is still able to provide large middle class groups who have free time and money to spend. Given the fact that China is a very densely populated Asian poker market this is no joke and could possibly be the best thing that could have happened to poker since Chris Moneymaker’s victory at the WSOP Main Event in 2003.

And that’s only China. Other Asian countries are also full of potential new players and overall that number is far greater than Western poker sites can dream of.

Gambling Traditions

“If you don’t bet, you won’t know your luck”. – Chinese proverb
In Western countries, we are conditioned to think that we are the masters of our own domain, that we can achieve anything as long as we work hard enough. We don’t need luck or fate or God. Asian countries promote very different narratives. A deep belief in luck and faith is the core of eastern culture.

People believe that their fate is largely determined by their ancestors and therefore luck at the poker table is a sign of being blessed by the gods. Gambling is often part of family gatherings, it is not uncommon for Korean families to play gambling games with real money during the New Year Holidays or Thanksgiving (Chuseok). Think about what will happen if you propose a good short-game 50NL game for your parents and siblings after the next Christmas dinner.

Gambling is something far more socially acceptable in Asian countries than in western culture. It also has a higher cultural significance. Of course we have Casinos, Maverick, Rounders, and countless other works of fiction that have succeeded in attracting part of our society (ie young people), but poker is generally preferred when it is presented as an alternative career or even a serious hobby.

The social aspects of gambling are far more prominent in Asia than in Europe or the United States. The ideas of capitalism and individualism that are rooted in making it clear to western players that to play poker with any degree of seriousness, you must value EV more than others.

Everyone is involved for themselves and the type of successful player is a lone wolf or shark.

In Asia, gambling is about results as much as building a sense of family. Playing dice, poker, or mahjong for money is not seen as a problem by most people because it is done in a social context with other people. That is why Asian poker sites have the potential to create an ecosystem that is much easier to maintain because money is not the only motivator for a large portion of the player population.

Finally, if we look at the level of gambling addiction in Asia compared to Europe, it is clear that lucky games are far more prevalent in eastern cultures. Gambling addiction rates in Europe vary from 0.5% to 3% depending on the country while in Japan it is 2 to 10 times higher at 5%.

That does not mean that you have to be eager to take advantage of the vulnerable people you might meet playing on Asian online poker sites, but it is another proof that poker in Asia is something meaningful.

Conventional Asian Poker Site

If you believe that Asian poker rooms might be worth seeing here is good news – you are only a few clicks away from creating an account on Viopoker and getting access to the full IDN Poker Network.

The process will largely be the same as if you decided to create an account with PartyPoker, PokerStars or a Microgaming Network agent, with the only difference being a softer collection of players. You will even get a good 30% old model rakeback deal (paid every Thursday) and you can deposit or withdraw money using most of the methods available to you such as on western poker sites.

This is a safe and intimate experience that has many benefits that the Asian market can offer without feeling foreign to Western players.

Agent System and Increased Home Game Applications

Poker Asia goes far deeper than just creating accounts in the widely available large poker room. We are all familiar with the idea of ​​just looking for something on the internet and having direct access to it.

If you want to play poker on Unibet you only google Unibet (or affiliate website like PokerVIP), a few clicks and one form filled out then you are a valued member of the Unibet player collection. In Asia, the process can be far more complicated. In many different eastern countries including China poker is technically illegal, there are no regulations or taxes, but because of the cultural significance of gambling, everyone still plays this game.

Poker in China is a kind of gray area that is not easy to enter, especially for Western players. Many Chinese poker sites don’t market themselves to western players and to play there, you need to contact an agent.

Asian poker and online gambling sites, in general, operate on what is called an “agent system”. Agents act as cashiers and gatekeepers. These are the people who decide whether you can play in a certain poker room and all money transactions are handled through them. For example, you can ask an agent to deposit $ 500 in your name on a particular account to play poker (applies also to sports betting, etc.).

Often this can be done with a credit system and you don’t need to have to provide money at the time of the transaction.

Finding an Asian online poker site may not be the hardest thing in the world but just because you can find it doesn’t mean that you can participate in the action. As we have already mentioned many Asian poker sites do not market themselves to an English-speaking audience and good agents can play a role in solving both language and cultural barriers.

But wait, there’s more! The fact that the social aspects of gambling are very important in Asia combined with the lack of regulations results in an increase in home game applications. For uninitiated applications such as “PP Poker” it looks like a small mobile home money game, but in reality, many home game hosts provide value on the money play chip which results in the creation of a small poker room.

Some applications allow for rakes and hence running a successful poker club through applications can be very profitable for online poker operators who bring in thousands of dollars of profit every day. Imagine how much value is gained from access to such poker rooms for solid westerners.

Unfortunately, the process isn’t that easy, and you end up having to make friends with the club owner or find an agent who will allow you to become a member of a particular home application. This is clearly far more complicated than what we are accustomed to and some western players will even bother trying to get access to games that make them all the more attractive for people who want to play.

Who knows, maybe we will go back in time when getting access to a good game is a difficult and risky process with a greater impact on one’s winnings than mastering a betting pattern?

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